Wario is a character within the mario universe.

appearance: Edit

Wario looks identical to his counterpart Mario, but there are a few major changes. His cloths are yellow and purple, his mustache is a zigzag, and he has a W on his hat, not a M. he is also more fatter then Mario.

personality: Edit

Wario is the poler opposite to Mario. He is a greedy, lazy, and chaos making jerk who, most of the time, has to be bribed or tricked into doing the right thing. while he does have a soft spot for Waluigi and his meny friends, he still treats them (usually Waluigi.) like dirt. His hobbies include sleeping, eating, treasure hunting, showing off, making games, and toilet jokes. He also likes toilet and fart jokes.

games: Edit

Wario, being WwwWario's favorite mario related thing, has appeared in most of Andy's games:

  • super Wario 10
  • super Wario and the ghost ship
  • super Wario and the hunt for the frozen treasure
  • super Wario 4:TUNE
  • super Wario 5 and the land of wirio.
  • FNAW 1
  • FNAW 2
  • FNAW 3
  • FNAW 4
  • Mushroom Kingdom Showdown
  • super smash bros cruel.

trivia: Edit

  • The only game wario has not appeared in is WwwWario's dragon ball Z fan game.
  • His name is a play on words on Mario and walru, the japan word for bad.
  • its also an M flipped around.