Wario is the main antagonist of the first two FNAW games, Thogh is replaced with Wario man in the 3rd and 4th.

Apperance: Edit

Like most enemys in the game, Wario was killed by the killer, AKA Wario man. In the 1st and 2nd, he looked pretty much the same: white eyes, with some blood driping from his mouth. However, in the 3rd game, he looked very diffrent: his face and some of his arm is only bones. In the 4th, he dones the same sute Wario has on, which is a fancy tux.

Roles: Edit

FIRST GAME: Wario acts like a normle enemy, running around and attempting to enter throgh the left door. He also trys to kill you when the power is out. He is the owner of Wario's food factory.

SECOND GAME: Wario is again an enemy in this one. Like most antagonists in FNAW 2, you tell when he is coming when there is lightning. Then you must hid from him. This time, you are in Wario ware,inc.

THIRD GAME: Wario will apperer in a majority of the rooms you can pick to hide in. Now, it apperes he is in a place called Wario's big mansion. At the end, he finnaly rests in peace, along with the others.

FORTH GAME: Once again, Wario is a antagonist in FNAW:O. Interestingly, Wario himself is the main protagonist. In the game, it shows that the antagonists from FNAW 3 got sent back in time by Rosealina. You need a invisability mushroom to fend him off, but if your safty is 0, he kills you. At the end, Wario gets his sweet revenge.

Trivia: Edit

  • Wario has a double set of teeth in FNAW 1.
  • He also has puples, thogh you gotta look really close to see it.