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Mushroom Kingdom Showdown (abbreviated as MKS, and previously known as MARIO Smash Bros.) is a game created by WwwWario, creator of the Super Wario and Five Nights at Wario's series. The game is currently in development, as of Version 0.9 and hosts 20 characters (excluding Giga Bowser), 14 stages (excluding Solo-Only stages), 2 items, 3 gamemodes and a huge fanbase. 

Mushroom Kingdom Showdown
Game Status
Current Version V.0.9
Release Date August 24, 2014
Creator WwwWario
Based on Super Mario Series

Gameplay Edit

The game handles similarly to Super Smash Bros with fast and slow paced attacks. Each Character has different advantages and disadvantages. 


Control Name Player 1 Player 2 Description
Move WASD Arrow Keys Moving is simple and you can't fight without it. Inputting directions will change the attack. You can also Jump using movement.
Standard Attack F O Standard Attacks are weak and fast, easy to combo with and easy to deal small pieces of Damage.
Special Attack G P

Special Attacks are the oppisite to Standard Attacks. They're strong and deal more damage. Some are even projectiles! You can also activate your Showdown Attack by using this button to unleash a devastating attack.

Air Dodge H I Air Dodging can only be excuted in the air. Air Dodging can dodge attacks (as the title says) and can have quick movement in the air. Using this increases your enemy's Showdown Attack bar though.


Since V0.8, there are 3 gamemodes in Mushroom Kingdom Showdown.


Showdown is your typical fighting gamemode. You can choose the CPU's (CPU can be changed to Hard CPUs) or Player 2's Character and choose what stage to go on.

Target SmashEdit

Target Smash is a gamemode based on Target Smash from Super Smash Bros. You have a certain amount of targets to break in 2 different levels varying in what difficulty you've set.

Classic ModeEdit

Classic Mode is the biggest mode so far in Mushroom Kingdom Showdown with 9 rounds before meeting Giga Bowser. You'll have 7 CPU fights (based on difficulty, they'll be normal or hard) and 2 target smash games.


Takedown is the All-star Mode of MKS. After beating a character you'll get 1 or 2 1up mushrooms to advance onto the next character.




  • Contrary to popular belief, this is not the first fighting game made by WwwWario, as seen on his older videos, he tried to make a game called Super Smash Bros. Cruel that stopped getting worked on. This makes it the second not Wario related game he's made. (excluding Wario and Waluigi's appearance.)